UKCAT: the worst cat ever….

Yes, I am a wannabe medic, I fantasize about the white coats and the stethoscope! This is the “Dreamy Phase” of my life, the time when you see everything in rose tinted shades. And even a rectal examination seems like a major call of duty.

I have loved Grey’s Anatomy from day one, and even though the show is miles away from reality, I love the hospital setting that they show.

What I cannot believe however is that McDreamy or for that matter Dark and Twisty Meredith have ever given the UKCAT! ( I bet one cannot have such good hair, while doing the quantitative reasoning test.)
P.S: I am referring to mortal humans like me, no offense to you awesome people!
So yes, UKCAT has screwed up my brain enormously!!!!

1. After struggling with the aptitude test for like 3 months, my test was scheduled for the 1st of September, and needless to say I was not looking forward to it. In retrospect however, I don’t think I should have worried so much. But then Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

2. What’s different! I have given so many exams now, all through my life,its been just one exam after another then why is the UKCAT such a pain in the ass???

3. ZAP, Your Results are here-Okay, I agree that the wait for results is frustrating….
After the exams- confidence level is on a peak
3 days after the exam- I have the firm belief that I can make it through without sinking.
week after the exams-I start preparing for the retest.

so, getting the results immediately after the test is good in that way but what do you tell people waiting right outside your test centre? There is no freaking way you can hide the ominous fact!

4. If you care- I had been preparing using the following material:-
a. 600 UKCAT book (pretty difficult)
b. Kaplan UKCAT online course.
c. Emedica
d. AceMedicine (one of the worst packages I purchased)

In a nut shell, I had spent a lot of my daddy’s “hard earned” money on this test and all this after I read on the official UKCAT Site that “you can absolutely not prepare for this test”!

So more the money spent, more the “great expectations”,more the sleepless nights ( or in my case more drowsy days)

5. Abstract Reasoning- I somehow had begun to understand it, days before the test (Some miracle that was, for at the very beginning I was failing dramatically at it) Every time I saw a pattern would I start counting- no of sides,no of intersections, colours,shapes etc

6. THE SITUATIONAL JUDGEMENTAL TEST- this was the major issue. I think I am probably the only person who had a problem with this. It came as a major shock cos I am a pretty ethical person (or so I like to believe)but yet I screw up about one third of the questions.

Actually in real life, stuff is either good or bad, it can screw you or inflate you,but in UKCAT it is :-
a. Very Appropriate
b. Appropriate but not ideal
c. Inappropriate but not awful
d Very inappropriate.

7. Freaking Forums- To top it all, I had been stalking TSR,New media medicine and all other student forums I could find and wherever I went, I found awesome-blossom people who had an average of 700 or above, and boy was I pissed?

I always wish well for the fellow contenders, its just that I could not understand why they all wanted to apply in 2013???

8. Timing is always the crucial factor- The average time for one question in the test is about 30-35 seconds and this has been one of the most damned things about it. Initially, I used to read the question in 60 seconds and now I do the question in about 35-40 seconds, its still not perfect but hey! even UKCAT is not perfect… so do not judge me!

9. Get it done with- Despite all this I decided to go ahead with the test in September itself, even though I had initially decided on the 1st of October, some of the notable reasons are:-

a. I had been working on it long enough, and I was starting to feel a teeny bit bored!!!

b. With the scores in hand, I could then decide the universities I wanted to apply to, find out the ones which would not trouble me too much.

c. Prepare the final draft for the personal statement, prepare for the BMAT.

UKCAT in a nutshell, would be a test of how well, you could persevere in the face of adversities and more so when pressed for time. I still remember how 20 minutes into the test, I felt that I had ruined all my chances of getting a place but then what was important was to cast all the negativity aside and try to grab as much of what was left. Surprisingly, my score came above 750, which by 2013 standards was pretty good. I still don’t know if I will going to a med school this year, but what I definitely know is that I somehow aced the UKCAT, maybe not the worst cat ever……



  1. Haha I’m currently preparing for the ukcat and at this point, I’d agree with you and say it is definitely the worst cat ever.
    I was wondering if you could give me some tips/advice about getting into medical school? The application process seems horrifying.
    On a completely different note, I love your blog and the way you write, it is amazing!

  2. Ended up on your blog (I am procrastinating on UKCAT prep). My test is in a fortnight and I haven’t done much work for it yet. The idea of working on this test makes me want to cry. Any tips for motivation?

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