Always happy to help ma’am………

Yeah, this wonderful post titled “Hello, excuse me?” got me thinking and I set out to write about how the person on the other side of the line would respond. I urge you to read the first post at and then my response below…….


Hello Ma’am, thank you for calling;

I am glad to be of some help to you

your question though strange

is of great feedback value.

I understand you worry about the feelings that abound

and your nerves that coil and go all round

no ma’am don’t you worry, those feelings will never run out.

we will replace those worn with more passion, no doubt.

With an extra 10 pound, I could refer you to our departmental shrink

happy to help those with emotions to the brink

he has dealt with bloggers many a times,

especially those that commit word crimes.

He will help you in dealing with those

that ask “what happened to her?” and other questions of that kind,

because no matter how frequent, you will always mind.

the one who made your nerves, has long since retired.

his speciality was tight knots, which was why he was hired.

aah, right to information is what you invoke.

to know about the meeting in which we made guns, booze and coke,

Ma’am, why waste your time in things you can’t help.

why not eat a donut, the one on your shelf.

Something’s come under human behaviour,

alas, we can’t alter.

but don’t you worry ma’am for our services never falter.

Thank you for calling ma’am, I hope you have a good day,

yes, you could like this post. Why ofcourse, you may…….



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