Why is this blog called the “Winky Spider”? Partly because I can actually relate to a lurking spider in the corner of the room, hanging from the ceiling and listening to all important conversations in the house and beyond, without for once drawing attention. The winky part signies my freakiness and the fact that I am no Greek angel and do have my own share of jealousy, happiness and sarcasm. The winky spider I am talking about may not have the usual set of legs, which your typical arthropod has, but trust me it makes up for it in speed typing and the ability to manage a blog.
This winky spider was born years ago in the body of a wannabe medic, this incarnation was not white neither black but somewhat brown and yellow. Born miles away from the first world, this wannabe is struggling to gain a place in the collapsing world of NHS and beyond.
With a take on everything under the sun and even above, this winky spider is ready to take on your internet browsing history……….



  1. I really liked this! It was such a twist on the usual ‘About’ page that I see! I hope 2015 is good to you šŸ™‚

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