Spider’s crushes

My first ever crush has been this guy. I  have been fascinating about my marriage with him for as long as I can remember. Yes, he has a wife and kids but I have more faith in the institution of divorce than on the institution of marriage. When I was around 4 years, I resolved to meet him when I grow up and then to broach the topic of “dating”. Unfortunately, when I grew up, he did too and now his wrinkles are a major turn off, and now I am content with him just dancing at my wedding.  But, yes, he will always be my first love.


Yup, even this expression felt hot to me.

This picture below is what I thought would be hung in our family home, minus the question mark and plus my picture.


And now this next guy, again a phase in my life. If tabloids are to be believed, he was found cheating on his then girlfriend. Faithfulness, is what I demand from my celebrity( apart from smashing good looks) and so off he went.


This next chap, The famous Winchester brother, Dean. He was one fellow who inspired me to keep watching hour long episodes on ghost hunting. Now that I am no longer into his rugged looks, I have to admit I hated the sheer stupidity of the concept of the show.


It seems you earn too much as a ghost hunter.

The best neurosurgeon I have seen ever. Never in my entire life, have I found one doctor who looks what Derek Shepherd does.


Mcdreamy, exactly what you are!

Phil Dunphy may not be the ultimate Adonis but I love the cool dad he is. Love the concept of his character.


isn’t that dog called Stella?

Okay I am a conservative person. How ever good Phil Dunphy is, I cannot overlook the fact that he has less melanin in his skin. So, this next fellow is whose movies I have been watching religiously. I am one of those people, actors would love to have as fans. I make it compulsory for my entire family to watch their movies in the theatre (considering half of my people like watching pirated movies, this is a big task for me.)

sidSome people may tell me to get a life, considering all my crushes are people from the virtual world. It may seem really stupid but I would never queue up for autographs from these people, this is because I know that when people are given too much attention, they kind of start behaving too arrogantly. I know because ever since I have had a few readers, I have noticed a marked change in my behaviour. So, you might find me ignoring these men in real life but in the blogging world, I have to admit “these men are drop dead gorgeous!”


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